‘Philosophy and…: An interview with William Irwin.

See the interview pages for my latest philosophical conversation. In conversation is Professor William Irwin, author of the novel Free Dakota and General Editor of the Blackwell Philosophy and Pop Culture series, which includes the title: Metallica and Philosophy.



J8 researching barriers to education globally.

J8 Educational Partnerships joins up groups of school pupils in the UK with pupils in other countries in order to research and then act upon barriers to education faced by children in their communities.

Participants in j8 take the view that education is central to development in all countries, not just developing countries. J8 started life as an extra-curricular activity of pupils in Hutchesons’ Grammar School in Glasgow, supported by Head of Geography Calvin Clarke, and has since developed into a full-blown educational charity. Read all about it here: http://www.thej8.org/

Upon his retirement (on Thursday this week [23.6.16]) Calvin will be dedicating his time to the work of the j8 charity. I’m sure that he would love to hear from you if you want to help. His email address is: clarkec@hutchesons.org

As he says, “If your school would like to work with any of the j8 schools…to research an issue related to education and then work with the students…to help to provide quality education for more children, please get in touch.

See also: http://hcr.hutchesons.org/page/Researching-the-Barriers-to-Education-Globally



Crowdfunding for phenomenology.

Open Commons are looking for crowdfunding. See below, extracted from an email I received earlier.


“I am writing to you today on behalf of the Open Commons of Phenomenology (http://ophen.org) – a non-profit organization you might know from their online repository, which contains hundreds of phenomenological texts, including many volumes of the Husserliana, for free. The Open Commons also publishes the journal Phenomenological Reviews, and has a blogging platform that hosts the Husserl Archives and the Center for Subjectivity Research.

The Open Commons has just launched their first crowdfunding campaign, and are looking for backers. The money will go toward expanding the content of the online repository, funding translation projects, and developing new tools and services.

Please consider making a donation to this great cause. You can check out their campaign on Indiegogo by clicking this link:https://igg.me/at/ophen
Every dollar helps

We also encourage members to spread the word about the campaign on social media.

Thank you in advance for your support”


So so there you have it!


Deleuze and the poverty of representational thought: interview with Henry Somers-Hall

“Deleuze opens up questions of how we make sense of a world that is fundamentally temporal and incommensurable with our categories of (representational) thought”, Henry Somers-Hall.

For the full interview see: https://philiptonner.com/the-interview-pages/deleuze-judgment-and-french-philosophy-an-interview-with-henry-somers-hall/



Research in schools event

Today saw the first research seminar celebrating research conducted in school by pupils at Hutchesons’ Grammar School in Glasgow. Sincere thanks to Jonathan Firth, Head of Psychology and board member of the Hutchesons’ Centre for Research for setting it up.

Joining us here at Hutchesons’ was Professor Gwyn Gould and Dr Mark Murphy, both of the University of Glasgow, who spoke on the importance of independent research in school education. Sincere thanks to all our speakers!

For more about the HCR see: http://hcr.hutchesons.org/


Universities, managers and the transformative power of philosophy.

Are modern universities opposed to philosophical practice? George Pattison, Professor of Divinity at the University of Glasgow, suggests that they might be. “Universities today are increasingly subject to managerial systems that favour quantifiable outcomes and that demand practical applications. These are also systems that, like so many businesses, want short term results. Philosophy goes against this tendency, since philosophy won’t get anywhere unless it’s prepared for a long, slow haul. It’s a lifelong process and one whose ‘outcome’ is, in the first instance, the transformation of the philosopher’s own life”. George Pattison. See The Interview Pages on philiptonner.com for the full interview.

Christian theology, truth & philosophy.

“Christian theology clearly takes up issues of belief and practice specific to the Christian tradition. Nevertheless, all academic disciplines have a philosophical element once we start to ask about the kind of truth at issue in them”. Prof. George Pattison.

For the full interview, see https://philiptonner.com/the-interview-pages/

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