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Martial arts coaching

I teach a kickboxing class at NewLife Gym in Glasgow on a Thursday evening, 8.15-9.15pm:

I am a registered karate instructor with the Scottish Karate Governing Body and I am a fully licensed and insured instructor with The British Combat Association. The British Combat Association was established in 1993 by its Chief Instructors, Geoff Thompson (8th Dan) and Peter Consterdine (9th Dan). It is the UK’s foremost multi-style, reality based martial arts organization.


5th Dan, Kickboxing, 4th Dan, Karate, 3rd Dan, Taekwondo, Grade 8 Guba Doce Pares.

I am available for personal training in martial arts and self-defense. I will work with you to develop a unique, personalized program of training that best meets your needs. My approach is flexible. I work with my clients in order to find out what best works for them.


“I had never been remotely interested in martial arts or self-defence, but was persuaded to join one of Philip Tonner’s kickboxing classes. I grew up playing netball and took up tennis and running as an adult. Kickboxing did not seem an obvious choice for someone like me, yet after one class I was hooked! The stretching we do during the first part of the class is invaluable and has made me far more flexible and has also helped injuries I had sustained through running. I have particularly enjoyed the kicking element of the class and have surprised myself with the technical ability I have gained and with the increased power I now have. I am more toned, feel stronger and have gained a renewed sense of self-confidence. The classes are a perfect mix of kickboxing moves and cardio workout. No-one is hurt, as physical contact, at the level I am working at, is minimal. The class isn’t too hard or too easy – you get out of it what you put in. Whilst not high on my agenda, Ih have gained a bit of a thrill from sitting the gradings and can hardly believe that, at my age, I could be aiming for my black belt at some point in the not-too-distant future. I would recommend the class to anyone who wants a good workout in a fun environment, but who also wants to learn some essential self-defence skills – particularly useful for a woman. Philip Tonner is technically gifted and he is also very encouraging and motivational. You will be amazed at all the benefits attending such a class can bring!”

Current student in kickboxing.

“As a professional fighter, business owner and coach I wanted something a bit different from my    normal high impact regime. Both myself and my partner Jill have been working together with Philip in high kick kickboxing. Philip’s experience really shows in his teaching. We have been working on flexibility as well as kicks and some boxing. Each session is varied and quantifiable in progress gained every week through our own development. Both Jill and myself are now going for our black belt and we both agree that we are in great hands”.

David Galbraith, Owner and Head Coach, NewLife Gym, Glasgow. 

“I began martial arts training with no knowledge of the sport itself or of its many variations, but after only a few sessions of being shown how to stretch properly and build up to muscle conditioning, I was interested in learning more. I soon increased my number of classes per week with Philip Tonner and joined an external club that he was affiliated with. I am continually thankful for the early focus on technique and flexibility, as it provided me with important foundations that have been invaluable in both training and semi-contact sparring competitions on a national level. The classes helped my punches and kicks to become more powerful, and the improvement in my fitness and agility since starting kickboxing with Philip has enabled me to attain my 1st Dan Black belt. As someone who had never previously been involved with any particular sport, it gave me confidence in my athletic ability. Even now as I participate in other forms of martial arts such as Muay Thai, Taekwondo, and Capoeira, I always refer back to my initial classes. Philip is welcoming to new students, and his supportive attitude makes everyone feel comfortable regardless of his or her ability level. Overall, I have had nothing but positive and empowering experiences in Philip’s classes, and I would strongly recommend them for anyone of any skill level wanting to get involved with a sport that provides great flexibility and cardio workouts”.

Former student, now competing on the amateur kickboxing circuit in the UK.


   Private self-defence/self-protection training

   Partner training

   Group self-defence/self-protection training

   Private martial arts training (with the option to grade from beginner to black belt)

   Group martial arts training (with the option to grade from beginner to black belt)

   Flexibility training

   Corporate training (self-protection & martial arts)

   CPD training sessions (self-protection & martial arts)

Private training: We will discuss what you want to get out of your training and decide together what works best for you. Sessions can take place at your home or, by negotiation, your gym, or, in an other suitable place, such as NewLife Gym.

No experience necessary! Private coaching is a great way to build confidence and to try something new without having to go to a class. You will find that your confidence improves in line with your fitness, flexibility and skill level. And, the option to do martial arts gradings is available, from beginner to black belt.

Pricing: Private training (one to one) £25 per hour. Group training: pricing depends on group size, travel and so on. Please contact to discuss.

Contact: email:    mobile: 0784 660 9471


Philip Tonner.

Teaching Flexibility in 2016.