The Wayfarers Project

The Wayfarers

University of Glasgow, School of Education Research Project:

Guitars, mandolins, fiddles and the other instruments that make up a contemporary traditional band resonate with sonically encoded narratives. This project will develop a work package with a discrete outcome: we will use emerging research by Odena (2018) on the role of music education for school integration and Tonner (2016) on theoretical issues of facing up to controversial histories in heritage settings to develop a ‘teaching pack’ for a pilot study in a secondary school to teach about the “musical migration” of Scots to Appalachia, Eastern U.S. and the challenging historical factors (e.g. forced migration, slavery and segregation) that they encountered.

I am working with fiddler Sally Simpson on the performance and teaching aspects of the project.

SERA Theory and Philosophy of Education Network

Across the UK, Europe and world, theoretical and philosophical reflection on education has provided vital opportunities to broaden debates in education from practical questions of how, to more foundational questions of what and why. Organizations committed to theoretical and philosophical research have blossomed over the last 20 years (see wider network below) and associated publications are growing in their reach and significance.

The conditions of education in contemporary culture require the kinds of debate that these organizations and publications serve. These debates engage in examination of the fundamentals of educational practices and policies, particularly where national and global forces of unity and disunity threaten to elide opportunities for deeper, more interculturally informed, reflection.

This network intends to sustain, reinforce and promote theoretical and philosophical research at a critical time in the history of this nation.

  • To sustain, reinforce and promote theoretical and philosophical research in education
  • To disseminate discussion of theory and philosophy of education
  • What is the place of Theory and Philosophy of Education?
  • What is the relation of theory and practice in education?